Building a business and shocking the world ….

It’s been said so many times, “softly softly catchee monkey” and right now it actually means something! There is now a depth to these words, so much so that they could be becoming a mantra!

Kate Stoddart-Scott Photography, my business, my world and my being and the first time in my life that I am truly taking things slowly and (hopefully) doing it properly. Why you ask?! At the ripe old age of 37 I found my career purpose, I found my tribe and now I fit. Cameras have always been by my side, I can’t tell you exactly why. Is it because I am from Yorkshire, the landscape of imagination? Or the fact that I grew up in the Middle East and Africa – have my senses been spoilt from day one? Perhaps the fact that I love people, people from all walks of life? Whatever the reason is, it is a truly wonderful feeling to now work with something that has always been with me and to share it with others.


Just give me some time to juggle the branding, the website design, the marketing, the legality, the children’s packed lunches, the washing machine and my wonderful, supportive and patient husband without whom this would not be possible. Here’s to you my love.

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