First blog of 2023 … and first blog in a very long time!

Where to start and what to say?! Hello is a good place I suppose!

When you’re self employed, try to run a home, some people and animals then time can be a little tight. That’s what I have found over the past few years anyway. Being active in the online world plays second fiddle to being active in the real one I’m afraid so my presence on line can be somewhat erratic!

Add to that the fact that I’m an empathic introverted extrovert (when I send something out into the big wide world it has to matter, I can’t just do it for the sake of doing it) and voila, a whole heap of missing blog posts, patchy social media presence and a poor website in desperate need of some love!

What’s been going on? Well, last year was pretty darn good. There’s no denying it. My cameras were filled with such a varied amount of images. I couldn’t have planned it!

Family shoots, a birth (yes a birth!), maternity and newborn, christenings, small businesses, headshots, sessions at The Patch MK and WEDDINGS! Last year I had the sheer joy of photographing two weddings. For anyone who has been around for a while you might remember me saying that, ‘I don’t do weddings’. There will be a separate post about them. Hopefully there will be separate posts about all of the awesome things I had the opportunity to be involved in.




So, apparently I do do weddings! A very special client asked me if I would do it and I couldn’t say no which lead to me doing another one beforehand. Both weddings were so full of love and I felt truly honoured to be a part of them. I really, really enjoyed them too. Yes, they were hard work, totally worth it!

This year, what does this year have in store? I don’t know if I’m honest! It’s April and still I can’t  There’s no hard nose business plan and I’m not pushing hard for anything in particular. I’ve done family shoots so far this year which has been beautifully gentle as well as rewarding. Being self employed and part time (in that, I have the school runs to do, the school events, the holidays, the sick days etc to cover) has taken years to work out. It’s hard to be in full swing work mode to then stop abruptly for the holidays … to then start again when they’re over.


I do know that nursery and school photography took a back seat last year. That is the focus right now. In June I will be photographing a couple in their 80s, who’re getting married! That will be my little businesses third wedding, so weddings are beginning to feature somewhat over here. My current, and very efficient business plan, is to do them if people ask … and not to advertise the fact that I do. Why? I am also a mummy and until my children are older I don’t want to over commit to others.

Ooh, there’s another thing that I am pushing for this year. I’ve noticed how committed people are to documenting the early stages of family life. Couples shoots, weddings, maternity, newborn and toddlers. Then, when life gets that little bit harder and busier people seem to stop. It is my belief that this is when we should REALLY start documenting, especially with children over the age of seven. Communication gets harder … and the power of a photograph becomes stronger because now they understand them and they have their own memories connected to an image. It could be as simple as a child having a tough day at school. They come home, walk through the door and see a photograph of themselves or their family and that in itself is comfort. No words are needed. It’s also a positive reminder that you don’t have to be filtered up the nines in an aesthetically pleasing environment in order for your face to be in print and seen. You just have to be you. More on this when I have done more work and research! I’m hoping to create a photography package with all of this in mind.



Lucky for you (or not?!) I have an accountability partner this year. Hayley, who runs the epic Southwood Social Hub (fantabulous supportive female network for birds in business, of which I am a very proud member), set up an accountability scheme. If any of you work for yourself or work from home then you will know that it is really hard at times. With no one to bounce ideas off or anyone to chase you up on something it is all too easy to lose the ‘why’ to what you’re doing. I now have the very talented Jessica in my life and I can honestly say that it has been a game changer. Jessica is a professional hair and make up artist AND has a skin care range called Pennies & Feathers. Please do go and have a look at her outstanding work and learn more about what she does. Not only that, Jessica offers 78 complementary Pennies & Feathers Facial Massage treatments a year to women who are living alongside cancer. This offers them an hour of pure relaxation, a calming touch and helps to nourish their often dry skin. How amazing is that?!

So, here the ramblings from me must end! If you have enjoyed this then do let me know, either by commenting or liking it. Any interaction is better than none! I’m also building up to sending out a newsletter with all upcoming events (still fine tuning so don’t want to list them just yet!).

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