Originally a Yorkshire girl and now a Northamptonshire one, who was lucky enough to grow up living in various parts of the world (as well as Yorkshire!) and this is where the admiration of people stems from. When you are on the other side of the world, communicating in a language that isn’t your own then you are so much more open to people. You have to listen in order to understand. You have to see in order to respect.

Head shot KSS

Some people can feel so incredibly vulnerable when having their photograph taken, especially now that we live in a world obsessed with image. You would be surprised at the number of children (plenty of grown ups too) I have seen pout and the subsequent mini tantrums as I put my camera down and say that I want to see their face, not their mask. It takes some time but boy is it worth it. Everyone has a story to tell and occasionally they only realise their true story when they see an image that depicts it.

Photography has always been a major part of my life, it just took me quite a few years to realise how important it was and that it was ok for it to be more than just a hobby. It’s  such a gem of a world (extreme sarcasm here) in that it’s 50% creative and 50% technical …. a little like being an artist and a scientist at the same time. How often do you meet that kind of person?! 

Suffice to say, when I did decide to make this my profession I searched for the most current training/school out there and signed up with Training byLumiere. Their six month course and continuous guidance and support ensured and ensures that I can now play the scientist as well as the artist!

My two passions together, people and photography. It doesn’t get much better!