What I do


I capture moments that you have decided you want to make permanent. A particular day, a chapter in life, an impressionable character. Whatever it is, I will capture it for you and with you so that afterwards, no matter what is going on, you can look at that image and be transported back to that place or your family and friends can, or even your chosen market.

Why? I love people and I love photography. I have always found that the real moments are the ones between the pose and I have no qualms about putting the camera down the minute that I feel the moment is no longer real. You would probably be quite amazed at how often people, even those you’d least expect to, ‘pose’ just because someone has a camera in their hand. I don’t just mean a ‘smile to camera’ kinda pose … I’m talking about the ‘someone’s potentially taking my picture so I will do what I think looks good’ sort of pose. My job, my drive, my reason is to take a photograph that is real and at the same time I want you or your loved ones to look the best that you can. 


How? My approach is to be as natural as possible, if the light works then brilliant, let’s go with it! There are days when it doesn’t though and in these instances the extra gear is as minimal as possible. As I have said before, I want whoever I photograph to look their best and if a bit of flash makes the skin glow then yes, it will be used!

Kate Stoddart-Scott Photography, B&W Image, Happy couple

What? Candid photography, portraiture, family & pet photography, lifestyle photography, commercial photography and event photography. On location, in your home or in your workspace.