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My work is incredibly varied! It’s a bit of a ‘have camera, will travel’ moment. Categorising it is incredibly tough and whilst ‘Portrait & Commercial’ sounds a bit clunky, it does happen to be the easiest way to do it!

Family photography – that can cover a family session, newborn, maternity, birth (yes, I have done that!) … and event that involves your family. Let’s not forget that we all have very different families so, if your four legged furry friend needs to feature, you and your partner have no photos of the two of you together that aren’t selfies or you are more of a ‘framily’ (friends who are as good as family!) gang then your booking would be a family photography one.

Commercial – this covers business, event, content and school and nursery photography. Just like family, we all have different businesses. From headshots to product photography, action shots to content shots.

School and nursery photography is self explanatory. What you might not be aware of though is that, where possible, I photograph outdoors and if not possible then I photograph the children infant of a real backdrop. A window for example. There are no fake backdrops here and I’m not happy with the shots until I see a relaxed child. I also always travel with glasses wipes, wet wipes and a rider requesting a suitable member of staff on standby to help with flyway hairs and rumpled clothing! As a parent myself I know how important these things are! What we send into school on a morning isn’t necessarily what photographers end up with during the school portrait session! I am, of course, DBS checked and fully insured.

Event photography, again, quite self explanatory however this is one that covers both the Portrait and Commercial category. From business events to birthday events.

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