Are you being or are you posing?

If you are looking for a photographer who captures people and animals ‘being’ rather than ‘posing’ then you have found her!

As a mummy of two under five it would feel wrong to place a photograph on the wall or in a frame of my children sitting in a field, with golden sunshine drowning them and angelic smiles looking back at me … a photograph of one of them in the bathroom with an empty loo roll or a family shot with one smiling, one gurning and perhaps mud everywhere, yes. That would be real and that would be right.

There aren’t many people out there who truly enjoy looking directly at a camera or guiding their body into the right position to look their best, this is why a photographer must, first and foremost, love being with people! I do. No matter who, why or what, people are my passion.

I am now ‘being’ in life in that after having my children and putting the wheels in motion to go back to work I realised that this was the moment to convert my passion and hobby into a profession. I have completed the most relevant photography course out there, the six month Foundation Programme with Training byLumiere and I am quietly building up a portfolio and client base.

This is the story so far,  with minimal fluffiness.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose. Dolly Parton